Intravenous and Parenteral Nutrition (IVPN) Academy

Dates Available
Onsite training occurs over a period of five consecutive days.
Upcoming dates for the onsite training are:  1 September 2019

Deadline to apply for the July cohort: 14 July 2019

Future training dates: 10 November 2019 and 19 January 2020

Held at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Sterile Preparation Center, this training program delivers high-quality, cost-effective professional development and networking opportunities. We believe that the best way for pharmacists and other compounding professionals to understand and implement current standards of practice is to be immersed in a setting that provides access to a comprehensive curriculum in a real-life setting with hands-on practice mentored by faculty who are subject matter experts.

Intravenous and Parenteral Nutrition (IVPN) Academy exposes trainees to current sterile compounding best practices through presentation e-learning modules, didactic lectures and hands-on training in a state-of-the-art sterile preparation center, equipped with high-level of technology.  Once registered, attendees are provided with access to CriticalPoint e-learning lessons which must be completed prior to the onsite attendance.

Once onsite, trainees are presented information to assist them to implement cleanroom principles and practices that comply with USP <797> as well as industry best practices. Topics covered include cleanroom physical design and layout; engineering controls and airflow science; personnel media fill testing and process validation as well as an exploration of principles associated with workflow, cleaning, environmental sampling, validation, staff training and documentation. Attendees completing this program will gain an understanding of how to develop and implement an operation that meets or exceeds USP Chapter <797> requirements.

Intended Audience
This training program is designed to provide practical experience and resources that will assist participants to gain further understanding of sterile preparation. This course would be valuable for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians with sterile compounding responsibility.

Activity Design:
A two part activity; home study with learning assessment and live event with competency assessment.

Participant Completion Requirements
Activity participants are required to achieve 80% passing grade associated with a self-study learning assessment prior to attending the live event. Full attendance and the completion of an activity evaluation and practical skill set competency evaluation are a compulsory requirement to achieve credit for the live event.

Activity Facilitators
The following facilitators will be contributing to the program:

Ahmad Chaker, RPh, MBA, Lead Pharmacist, Sterile Preparation Specialist

Ahmad Chaker, R.Ph., MBA, is the Sterile Preparation Specialist at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and has been with the organization for over 2 years now. He manages the Sterile Preparation Center and has oversight of the Operation Room and Intensive Care Unit satellite pharmacies.

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He joined the hospital as Senior Automation and Informatics Pharmacist and has established the latest Pharmacy-related technologies like Pyxis, Pharmogistics, C2 Safe to name a few. He previously worked at Mafraq Hospital as a Senior Pharmacist and assumed full responsibilities of Inpatient pharmacy Supervisor that includes Quality of service, budgeting, inventory, business plan, staffing, and resource allocation and setting goals of objectives. He also has established the Dialysis Pharmacy in Mafraq. Ahmad continuously seeks ways in enhancing his leadership and skills, fostering personal growth, and pursues a meaningful and lasting contribution to the organization.

Francia Relloma, RPh, Sterile Preparation Specialist

Francia graduated from Centro Escolar University in Philippines and has held various positions as a pharmacist in the Philippines. Francia has also held a lead role as a pharmacy technician team leader in King Abdul-Aziz Medical City National Guard Health Affairs where she worked for 15 years. Francia is an expert in USP Chapter 797 and chemotherapy preparation and currently oversees the training and education of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in sterile preparations.

Christine Javier, RPh, Sterile Preparation Specialist

Christine is specialized in handling Sterile Preparation, currently working as a Pharmacy Technician in Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi over the past 3 years. Christine held various positions in the Philippines and most recently worked for 10 years as a pharmacist at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Saudi Arabia. Christine is experienced in USP Chapter 797 and in the preparation of hazardous medications and total parenteral nutrition. Christine is a graduate of Philippine Women’s University.

Tuition Information
The tuition for the IVPN Academy is AED 8,000 per trainee. Full payment must be received before trainees go onsite for experiential training in order to guarantee participation. The tuition fee does not include travel accommodation for experiential training, which is the responsibility of the trainee.

To apply to the IVPN Academy please submit an online application through this link:

Attendees of the IVPN Academy will receive a statement of credit for a total of 33 continuing education hours that are approved through the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). To receive the statement of credit hours for the home-study component, participants must complete the 28 modules with a score of 80% in each module and submit a completed evaluation. Upon completion the e-learning modules, trainees can print the certification of completion.

4th IVPN Symposium
Pharmacy: From Evidence to Practice
November 16-17, 2018

Abu Dhabi, UAE