Ahmad Chaker, R.Ph., MBA

Lead Pharmacist, Sterile Preparation Specialist
Department of Pharmacy Services
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Ahmad Chaker, R.Ph., MBA, is the Sterile Preparation Specialist at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and has been with the organization for over 3 years now. He manages the Sterile Preparation Center Moreover he continues to work in the Inpatient Pharmacy, OR and ICU satellite Pharmacies.

He joined the hospital as Senior Automation and Informatics Pharmacist. He established the latest Pharmacy-related technologies like Pyxis, Pharmogistics, C2 Safe to name a few. He previously worked at Mafraq Hospital from 2006-2014 as a Senior Pharmacist and assumed full responsibilities of Inpatient pharmacy Supervisor that includes Quality of service, budgeting, inventory, business plan, staffing, and resource allocation and setting goals of objectives. He also has established the Dialysis Pharmacy in Mafraq. Ahmad continuously seeks ways in enhancing his leadership and skills, fostering personal growth, and pursues a meaningful and lasting contribution to the organization.

4th IVPN Symposium
Pharmacy: From Evidence to Practice
November 16-17, 2018

Abu Dhabi, UAE